Cicero Prep Administration

Dr. Mark Discher


Melanie Pritchard

Assistant Headmaster

Stephen Philabaum

Dean of Students

Connie Malkin

Office Manager

Christa Reichert

Front Office Assistant

Emily Levkowitz

Front Office Assistant

Carrie Siegel-Benell

Director of Development

Carrie Brown


Cicero Prep Faculty & Staff

Ms. Brown

History: 8th, Poetry: 9th

Ms. Bukowski

ESS Coordinator

Ms. Burke

Spanish: 9th

Ms. Conner


Ms. Dillon

Lit/Comp: 6th, Poetry: 9th

Mr. Doolittle

History: 7th, Humane Letters: 9th

Mr. Duff

Latin: 7th and 9th

Ms. Ellison

Science: 6th

Mr. Garcia

History: 7th

Dr. Geraci

Science: 7th and 9th

Ms. Godzich

Lit/Comp: 8th

Ms. Hable

Math: 6th and 7th

Mr. Hays

Latin: 6th

Mr. Julian

History:6th, Humane Letters: 9th

Mr. Kramer

Lit/Comp: 6th and 7th

Ms. Labadie


Ms. Mandall

Art: 7th and 8th

Mr. Martel

Science: 8th and 9th

Mr. Meadows

Math: 9th; Lit Comp: 6th

Ms. Meyers

Science: 7th

Mr. Milford

Science: 6th

Mr. Murphy

History: 6th

Mr. Philabaum

Humane Letters: 9th

Mr. Sadasivan

Math: 7th

Ms. Seyler

Music: 6th and 9th

Ms. Sparks

Latin: 8th

Ms. Szymanski

Art: 6th and 8th

Mr. Tipps

Latin: 6th and 7th

Ms. Willard

Math: 6th

Mr. Yost

Music: 7th and 8th