Want to be more informed about our curriculum? Mark your calendars!

Quarterly Keynotes at Cicero

8am in the Prep Faculty Lounge

Jerilyn Olsen, Sept 22–Socratic Instruction

Dr. Rob Jackson, Nov. -17–The Nature and Benefits of Classical Education

Andrew Ellison, Jan. 19–The Nature and Significance of Humane Letters

Jake Tawney, March 23–The Aim of Mathematics Instruction in GH Schools

Night CAPS (Cultural and Academic Parent Socials)

Join the Cicero faculty for our monthly socials. This is a great way to meet other parents and get to know our outstanding faculty.

See Sign-up Genius for dates and times.

Oct 17
“History: It’s About Bloody Time”
Amy Kircos
Mr. Doolittle and Mr. Julian
Nov 18
Dr. Geraci
Looking for parent coordinator
Dr. Geraci &
Mr. Martel
Jan 26
“In Vino Veritas”
Jane Hooppaw and Jen Lott
Mr. Hays
“For the Love of Music”
Mark and Kirsten Juhl
Mr. Yost